• Our Heartiest Congrats to Successful FRCR delegates on joining FRCR club: Dr Kshitij Jain, Dr Abdallah AlGadaa, Dr Nadia Mushtaq, Dr.Mohamed Afifi NASR, Dr Tsneem Salim, Dr Khalid Bin Khurshid, Dr Kashif Liaquat, Dr Hamza Lari, Dr Avinash Vernaker, Dr Vikas Singhal, Dr Adeena khan, Dr Iffat Rahman, Dr Yusuf Alkhateeb, Dr Muhammad Samy, Dr Kamal Attia, Dr Abdel Azim, Dr Asad khan, Dr Mona, Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Samantak Mukharjee, Dr Amina Aljasmi, Dr HariKrishnan, Dr Amita Harsule, Dr Heba Osama, Dr Rbab Ibrahim and many more.
    - Team Radicon is delighted on their success.
  • I have attended many FRCR courses in UK, UAE and my own country. After doing your course, I realised that what a real course is like! This is truly the best course I ever attended.
    - DR Z
  • I have a comment regarding the long cases in the course. Actually, it was the most realistic in terms of cases and timing. I was in several courses and your long cases were the most representative.
    - Dr R
  • I have always hated MRI of joints especially elbow, wrist and Ankle MRI. After MSK MRI course, I went back to hospital and felt very comfortable reporting these. (Dr N)
    - DR N
  • I attended the FRCR Database course. It was a fantastic experience. The cases are amazing and really beneficial for exam review.
    - DR A
  • My Hospital was pushing me to MSK Ultrasound and I found it difficult. Your course was really useful for me. A very good revision and checklist to do real time MSK ultrasounds. Loved the practice and hands on session.
    - DR R