Policies and Guidelines

Medical Practice and Healthcare is about safety and initial principle of 'DO NO HARM'. Radiology in no exception. Safe radiology practice requires awareness of standard guidelines and policies developed by various national and international agencies and radiology regulatory bodies. 


Contrast Administration:

Probably the best document on contrast administration has been generated by American College of Radiology. A wonderful and comprehensive document. A must-read for safe practice in radiology involving contrast procedures.

ACR contrast Manual


MRI Safety:

Dr Frank Shellock has done pioneering work in the MRI safety. You can refer to his website for all questions on product testing and their safety inside MRI machines. 



Artificial Intelligence in Radiology:

Dont let them put you to sleep. With AI, radiology jobs are at risk. At least 50% radiology jobs will be lost. But jobs are at risk only if you fail to stay relevant. You are likely to do well if you timely adapt AI to your own advantage. 

Following links are worth reading:

IBM watson imaging review program

GEs new automated breast ultrasound project is worth reading if you are a breast radiologist. 

Aunt minnie explains AI in CT.

 Tip: AI will not be able to replace radiologists but it will reduce number of radiology jobs in market. If you want to beat the AI and stay ahead in game, then:

1. Start working from a checklist and ensure comprehensive approach.

2. Start using AI yourself to your advantage rather than resenting it.


Dual Energy CT:

Dual energy CT is a revolution in waiting. Learn if you like to stay in game of CT imaging

Dual energy CT in Gout

Dual energy CT in MSK imaging

Dual Energy CT in abdominal imaging


Pulmonary embolism Imaging in Pregnancy:

How to plan imaging for PE in pregnancy.


Radiology Networks:

Radiology future is adapting into more and more technology base. Growth is exponential. NHS Scotland deserve congratulations to be only country so far who is connected to one PACS network. Thanks to wonderful work by CARESTREAM. 

Within departments, radiology digital integration is being led by European Society of Radiology and HIMSS by Digital Imaging Adoption model (DIAM) assessment.