Question: How can I book a course?

Answer:  Many thanks for the message and your interest in the course.

You can easily book the course seat on the website. Please follow the link;
1. Select your course and open the course page by clicking on it.
2. Click on 'Select this course' (Blackbox at page start). It will add the course to the cart.
3. Click on the 'cart' in right upper corner to see your selection (Shopping cart page will open to show selected course.  Please check the quantity).
4. Click on the 'Place your order' or 'Paypal' or 'GPay' (for credit/debit card payment).
5. Enter all the required details and click "continue to payment" 
6. Pay the course fee and you will receive an instant booking confirmation. 
The process is convenient and user-friendly. If you do find any specific problem, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0097145147475 or email at info@radiologycourses.org. 

Question: Why should I do FRCR 2B Preparation Course? What is the advantage?

Answer:  It takes almost two years to get first opportunity to appear in FRCR 2B examination. The result of the exam can have a significant positive impact or unnecessary delay in your career progression.
FRCR 2B is not an exam for just knowledge. You will also need certain preparation, techniques and abilities to perform well in the exam and maximise your chances of success. With up to 4 mock examinations with important tips and tricks, Dubai FRCR 2B course will ensure that you are ready for the most important day of your career. Are you ready?

Q: Should I come as FRCR full Delegate or as an Observer?

A: We suggest that you should attend as a full delegate if you are going for the exam in the coming exam attempt. It most probably is the best career investment you can do to complete your professional qualification. Please note that there are almost 20 viva stations and will give you an unparalleled viva experience with the written mock exams as well. It will be equivalent to more than 3 full FRCR exams and will give you a great kickstart. 

Faculty from 11 countries, it is the largest and probably still the cheapest course among all courses outside the UK. 
On the other hand, if you are not going for the exam in coming sitting, then it is not a bad idea to come as an observer and see how your peers are preparing. It is a comprehensive crash course where you will be able to go over the most important topics in radiology in a very short time.

Question: Should I pay online? I am concerned about the safety of my financial details. Can I pay on the day of course?

ANSWER: We prefer to process administrative work before the start of the course. Registration, cash handling and record keeping will waste a lot of tutorial time on the day of course if we don't complete payment and administration in advance. Payment on the day, of course, is limited to a few rare occasions when people could not complete payment using a credit card,  Paypal or bank transfer - mainly due to regions they live in. 
We are generally happy to reserve a place for you briefly but it will be difficult to hold your seat for long without payment of course fee. For confirmation of your course place, we suggest following website and view if any of secure payment gateway methods suit you. Needless to say that all these payment methods are internationally secured payment lines with complete security and peace of mind. 
Question: What is course cancellation or refund policy?
1. Courses dates are planned after careful consideration of exam dates, travel dates of tutors from various countries with venue booking and lot of other arrangements - hence we don't consider cancellation as a trivial risk. Nonetheless, a cancellation of services from our side will mean an automatic refund of all course fee.
2. Any cancellation from delegates will be subject to the refund policy. 
3. For cancellations up to 60 days before the course date, 5% admin fee will be charged. For cancellations up to 30 days before the course date, 25%  admin fee will be charged. For cancellations within the last 30 days of course dates, 50% admin fee will be deducted from the refund. For cancellations up to 7 days before the course date, 100% admin fee will be charged.
4. 'Pay on the day' option is surely available but its limited to a specific condition (with prior discussion) as it was made available on request of few candidates in very special circumstances. Unfortunately, it can not be available routinely as it will considerably disrupt the proceedings of the day.
5. Unfortunately, no refund can be issued if a delegate does not arrive at the course. However, under special circumstances, an alternate seat may be offered. 
6. Course fee cannot be refunded if an invitation letter for the UAE visa has been issued. However, if the visa has been refused, then please forward the copy of the cancellation.
Question: Can I secure a seat without paying course fee?
ANSWER: Unfortunately, it is not possible to confirm the seat without course fee payment. In certain circumstances, we have reserved a seat for up to 72 hours where a bank transfer can be made directly into our account. 
Question: Do you offer Online courses?
ANSWER: We currently do not offer online courses but it is in the process. If you provide your email, we will keep you updated. Also, if you can mention that which aspect, of course, you are more interested in?
Question: Do you offer Courses in Dubai only or other places as well? 
ANSWER: Currently we offer courses in Dubai and England. 
Question: Do you offer FRCR part 1 Courses in Dubai only or other places? 
ANSWER: Currently we offer only FRCR 2B courses in Dubai and England. 
ANSWER: We teach and train on iMac computers as used by royal college of the radiologists. Courtesy of RADICON MACS.