Ahmed Mohamed Ali Al Kabany

(European Board of Neuro-Radiology)

FRCR. Royal collage of radiologists, London, UK Spring 2015

Radiology MSc. Kasr El-Ainy (Faculty of medicine Cairo university) - Aug. 2012

M.B.B.Ch Kasr El-Ainy medical school (Faculty of medicine Cairo university) - Nov. 2005


From Dec 2015 till now

King Abdulaziz Medical City, National Guard Health Affairs (Riyadh):

 It has been recognized as a distinguished healthcare provider. It has a bed capacity up-to 690 beds in addition to 25 beds allocated for expected surgical operations in Ward 19, and 132 beds for admission of emergency cases.

The Emergency Care Center at KAMC continues to be the best Trauma Care Center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is ranked as the 4th Emergency Care Center outside the United States of America, it contains Surgical and Critical Units include an outstanding Burn Unit, Surgical ICU, Endoscopy Unit, Operating Rooms, and Neuro-Surgical and Surgical Units.

NGHA has passed the requirements for accreditation under the (JCI) Joint Commission International standards with excellent performance in Dec 2006.


From Jun 2015 to Aug 2015

King Abdullah Medical City (Makka, KSA):

It is a 1550-bed quaternary specialized healthcare facility. The medical city consists of three campuses. The specialized hospital campus, a 550-bed quaternary hospital located in The Holy Capital, Makkah. It hosts multiple centres of excellence, such as the Cardiovascular, Neurosciences, Oncology & Specialized Surgery Centers. The second campus is the Oncology Center, located in Jeddah. The third campus is a 1000-bed quaternary healthcare facility that will be built between Jeddah & Makkah and hosts a specialized hospital, rehabilitation hospital, research centre and an educational centre.

I had spent two months LOCUM as an assistant consultant in a fascinating well equipped diagnostic radiology department. I had reported mostly neuro-radiological cases confronting a lot of complicated oncology patients and post-operative cases. It was a great experience as it is an educational facility where teaching programs and morning meetings took place with a large number of residents’ attendance.

From May 2013 to May 2015

Alawi Tunsi hospital (Makka, KSA):

Where I work as a radio -diagnosis specialist, it is a good experience as I encounter a different variety of cases as in Mecca there are a lot of patients of different nationalities with a wide range of endemic diseases other than the ones that I have experienced before. During this time I have experienced: -

Different ultrasound examinations more than 5000 cases (including the pelvic -abdominal ultrasound, obstetric, superficial part ultrasound).

X-Ray final reporting more than 11000 cases including plain radiography and conventional techniques as (IVP, HSG, MCU and barium studies). 

Primary CT and MRI reporting.


  • From Jan 2011 to May 2013

Techno - scan radiology centre (Cairo, Egypt)

It is one of the largest radiology centers in Egypt with more th an 19 branches , it was a very good experience with a powerful team of consult ants and professors where we have faced huge number of patients mostly cold cases with high rate of oncology patients co mi n g for follow up with wide range of varieties, I used to work there as a radio -diagnosis specialist in (Ultrasound team) a s well as in the (reporting team in X- ray, conventional techniques, CT and MRI units).

  • From Oct 2007 to Dec 2010:

Om Al-Masreen general hospital (Cairo, Egypt)

Where I started my residency as I worked under the supervision of my seniors in ultrasound and have given the chance for primary reporting in X-ray, C T and MRI as it was a governmental hospital with a very high rate in both emergency and cold cases that gave me a huge push to develop my radiological skills.