Exam Techniques

FRCR Part 1 :
Covers Physics and legal aspects of radiology such as IRR and IRMER

FRCR Part 2:
Two parts; part A and part B.

Part 2A consists of Six modules:
Module 1: Chest and cardiovascular radiology
Module 2: Musculoskeletal Radiology
Module 3: GI radiology
Module 4: Genitourinary, breast radiology
Module 5: Neuroradiology
Module 6: Paeds radiology

Part 2B consists of 
Viva assessment: 3 stations with two examiners each

Rapid reporting: 30 films comprising normal and abnormal films. Its test of your guts to call something normal. You are supposed be right about 90% of times. Passing score 26-27/30.
More people fail because they overcall things.

Long cases: 6 long cases : It is a test of your knowlege and how detailed your vision is.

Actual FRCR ceremony is pretty good followed by an evening dinner.