Why do FRCR and Why Radicon


You are busy with the hospital job and no time to study? and you keep postponing your exam date - hoping that you will get time for next attempt?
Then Think again!
Did you know that every coming attempt will be more difficult for you? Jobs getting more difficult, increasing family responsibilities and your juniors passing exams before you will make it more difficult financially, emotionally and academically 
So attempt the exam in the first possible attempt.
What do we do for you?
We all know that it is impossible to learn complete radiology in two days course. So we don't teach radiology in the FRCR course. We focus on the high Yield, most common topics and best techniques to sharpen your existing knowledge. You will see cases most relevant to FRCR and will complete any critical deficiencies. You will take written and viva alone and in groups and will learn from own and each other's mistakes. 

Written component on iMacs lab

Group photo FRCR course

That changes everything for a radiologist and his family! with new career aspects opening at your place, abroad and in the UK, you start a new fresh career! 

and whats more! You win prizes for performing well.

Best FRCR delegates, FRCR course

FRCR radiology conference, Dr John Curtis, Dr Rizwan

Best performance in Written component.

Best delegates FRCR course, radicon institute of radiology
Dr John Curtin at Radicon Institute of Radiology FRCR


Sep 2019 Course

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Sep 2018 Course

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